For your stay in Nuremberg, we recommend downloading the following apps to optimize your experience and make your time in the city even more enjoyable:

– Google Maps: The app provides precise navigation instructions and allows you to explore the city without difficulty.

– Komoot: A great app for hikers and cyclists that leads you on the best routes through the surroundings of Nuremberg.

– VGN Fahrplan & Tickets: With this app, you have the timetable for public transport in Nuremberg always at hand and can also buy your ticket right away.

– Lieferando: If you don’t feel like going out or cooking yourself, you can easily order food with Lieferando and make yourself comfortable.

– Nuremberg Tourism: With this app, you have access to local information and activities that will help you make the most of your time in Nuremberg.

– getir: A great app for grocery shopping that allows you to order groceries conveniently from your mobile device and have them delivered to your doorstep.

We hope these apps will help you enjoy your stay in Nuremberg to the fullest!

Cafés, bars, beer gardens

Nuremberg is a city with a plethora of opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment. Among the attractions are various cafes, bars, and beautiful beer gardens, which cater to a range of tastes. Additionally, history enthusiasts can explore numerous historic buildings and sights.

If you desire a tranquil evening, the Wirtshaus Tucher-Bräu am Opernhaus is an excellent choice. Here, you can savor a refreshing beer in a cozy ambiance while indulging in local cuisine. Alternatively, for those seeking a touch of southern flair, the Finca & Bar Celona Nuremberg offers a Spanish experience with delightful tapas and an assortment of wines for a perfect nightcap.

Beer garden enthusiasts should not miss O’Sheas Irish Pub, where they can unwind with a cool Guinness and revel in lively Irish music. Additionally, the Cafe & Bar Celona Nuremberg provides another inviting environment with an extensive selection of beverages and snacks to satisfy various preferences.

Food enthusiasts will find Kaffee Lebemann to be a special recommendation. This delightful spot offers a variety of coffees from around the world, paired perfectly with delectable cakes and pastries.

For those seeking a unique atmosphere, Cafe Bar Katz is a must-visit. With its eclectic mix of vintage and retro elements, along with an extensive array of cocktails and drinks, it promises an unforgettable experience.

Even those with a preference for rustic settings will find plenty to enjoy in Nuremberg. The Australian Bar & Kitchen serves up typical Australian dishes in a cozy setting, while Café Wanderer & Bieramt allows patrons to sample regional beers alongside hearty cuisine.

And for those who wish to extend the festivities after a satisfying dinner, Restauration Kopernikus is the place to be. With regular concerts and parties, this venue promises to turn your night into an unforgettable affair.

In conclusion, Nuremberg offers a rich tapestry of relaxation options and a diverse array of culinary delights, making it an ideal destination for both locals and tourists alike.


In Nuremberg, there are many other cinemas worth visiting besides the multiplex cinema Cinecitta and the Admiral Filmpalast. For example, there is the Casablanca cinema, which stands out for its cozy atmosphere and diverse program. Those who prefer something more unusual should visit the Filmhaus Nürnberg, which specializes in arthouse films. There is also the Meisengeige cinema, which has been around since the 1950s and therefore has a long history. There, you can not only watch current movies but also enjoy classic films in a nostalgic atmosphere.

Delivery service

In Nuremberg, there are various delivery services that offer a wide selection of dishes and products. Some of the most well-known services include Lieferando, Getir, and Flink. With Lieferando, customers can choose from a variety of restaurants and have their favorite dishes delivered directly to their homes. Getir, on the other hand, offers not only food deliveries but also a variety of other products, such as cosmetics or household items. Flink is another delivery service available in Nuremberg that specializes in delivering groceries. With all of these options, residents of Nuremberg have the opportunity to order a wide range of products conveniently from their homes and have them delivered.


During your stay in Nuremberg, there are numerous recommended events throughout the year that offer something for everyone. Here are some examples that you should definitely add to your list when visiting the city:

– **Christkindlesmarkt**: The famous Nuremberg Christmas market takes place every December and offers numerous stalls with Christmas treats, crafts, and gift ideas.

– **Bardentreffen Music Festival**: This music festival takes place every July and offers a wide range of music genres, from jazz to blues to rock and pop. It attracts thousands of visitors from around the world every year.

– **Film Festival**: The Nuremberg Film Festival takes place every May and presents a variety of films from different countries and genres. It’s a great opportunity to meet other film fans and discover new films.

– **FreizeitMesse**: The FreizeitMesse is one of the largest events of its kind in Germany and takes place every February. Here you can learn about leisure activities and travel and be inspired.

– **Easter Market**: The Nuremberg Easter Market takes place every spring and offers a wide selection of Easter eggs, decorations, and other Easter treats.

– **Spring Festival**: The Spring Festival is a folk festival that takes place every April and offers a wide range of rides, food and drink as well as live entertainment.

– **Blaue Nacht**: The Blaue Nacht is an art and culture event that takes place every May. Here you can experience a variety of art exhibitions, concerts, and performances.

– **Rock im Park**: Rock im Park is a multi-day music festival that takes place every June and features a variety of rock and metal bands.

– **Nuremberg Digital Festival**: The Nuremberg Digital Festival is an annual event dedicated to the digital world. Here you can learn about the latest technologies and developments and participate in various workshops and lectures.

– **DTM at Norisring**: The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) race at Norisring is an annual motorsport event that takes place every July and attracts thousands of visitors.

– **Nuremberg Company Run**: The Nuremberg Company Run is an annual running event where employees from companies in the region compete against each other. It’s a great opportunity to be active and strengthen the sense of community.

– **Classical Open Air**: The Classical Open Air is an annual concert event where classical music is played outdoors. It takes place every July and offers a beautiful backdrop against the Nuremberg Castle.

– **Volksfest**: The Volksfest is a traditional Bavarian folk festival that takes place every August and offers a variety of rides, food and drink as well as live entertainment.

– **Burggraben Festival**: The Burggraben Festival is an annual music festival that takes place every July and presents a variety of bands from different genres.

– **Old Town Festival**: The Old Town Festival is an annual folk festival that takes place every September and offers a variety of rides, food and drink as well as live entertainment.

– **Long Night of Sciences**: The Long Night of Sciences is an annual event where various scientific institutions in Nuremberg open their doors to the public. Here you can participate in various workshops, lectures, and experiments and learn more about the world of science.

In addition to these events, there are many other activities and sights to discover during your stay in Nuremberg. Visit the Nuremberg Zoo, the Playmobil Funpark or explore the Nuremberg Castle and castle walls. Visit the Nuremberg Toy Museum, take a ride on the historic tram line 36 or visit the Albrecht Dürer House. A boat tour on the Pegnitz through the old town of Nuremberg or a ride on the cable car to the Kaiserburg are also recommended activities. If you are a fan of astronomy, you should visit the planetarium at the Nicolaus Copernicus Planetarium Nuremberg.

For Children

Nuremberg is a family-friendly city with many opportunities for families to create unforgettable memories. In addition to the Nuremberg Zoo, Toy Museum, and Playmobil Land, there are many other attractions for children. For example, you can take a ride on the historic streetcar “Pferdedroschke” or visit the “Haus der Spiele,” which offers a wide selection of board games, card games, and puzzles for children and adults. If you and your family enjoy being in nature, you can also visit the forest zoo, where you can see many native animals, or take a bike ride along the Pegnitz River. There are also many parks and playgrounds in the city where children can run around and burn off their energy. In Nuremberg, there is so much for children and families to discover and experience!


When visiting Nuremberg, there are many exciting museums that you can explore. Some of the interesting museums include the German Railway Museum, which focuses on the history of rail transport in Germany, the Germanic National Museum, which has an extensive collection of art and cultural objects from different eras, and the New Museum, which specializes in contemporary art. In addition, there is also the Documentation Center, which serves as a museum and memorial to the history of National Socialism in Nuremberg, as well as the Natural History Museum, which offers a variety of exhibits on the animal and plant world. There is so much to see and discover in Nuremberg if you are interested in history, art, or nature.

Nürnberg Card

The Nuremberg Card is a great way to explore the city of Nuremberg and its attractions. With the card, you have free admission to all museums and attractions and can also use public transportation for free. This means that you can explore the city without any restrictions and without having to worry about the cost. The card is particularly suitable for tourists who want to spend a limited amount of time in the city as it allows you to see as much as possible without spending a lot of money. With the Nuremberg Card, you can visit some of the city’s most famous attractions, such as the historic castle, the Germanic National Museum, and St. Lorenz Church. Additionally, the card is very convenient as you do not need to buy a ticket every time you use public transportation. You can simply board buses, trams, and subways and go. Overall, the Nuremberg Card is an excellent choice for anyone visiting the city of Nuremberg, whether for a day or a week. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to explore the city and see everything it has to offer.


In Nuremberg, there are many different parks that you can visit. One of them is the Wöhrder Wiese, which is located near the city center and serves as a recreation area for residents and tourists alike. There, you can take a walk, jog, or simply enjoy nature. Another park that you should visit is the Stadtpark. It is a large public park that covers an area of more than 160 hectares. Here, you will find everything from playgrounds and bike paths to barbecue areas and a lake. The Stadtpark is a great place to spend a day with friends or family. Another beautiful park in Nuremberg is the Hallerwiese. The Hallerwiese is a nature reserve located in the south of the city and surrounded by forests, meadows, and a river. Here, you can take a nice walk and enjoy the untouched nature. In summary, there are many opportunities in Nuremberg to enjoy nature and spend time outdoors. Visit the Wöhrder Wiese, Stadtpark, and Hallerwiese and experience the beauty of nature in Nuremberg.


In Nuremberg, there are many different restaurants that offer something for every taste. Some examples are:

– Kokoro (Sushi)

– Wirtshaus Tucher-Bräu am Opernhaus (Franconian cuisine)

– Zum Spießgesellen (Franconian cuisine with regional specialties)

– Goldenes Posthorn (Traditional Franconian cuisine)

– Restauration Kopernikus

– Restaurant & beer garden (Franconian cuisine with a large selection of beers)

– Vetrina Toscana (Italian cuisine with homemade pasta and pizza)

– Santos (Spanish tapas and wines)

– O.sha (Authentic Thai cuisine)

Each of these restaurants has its own unique dishes and offers a cozy atmosphere in which to enjoy the food. You can also try different specialties and discover new flavors. In Nuremberg, there are so many opportunities to take a culinary journey and experience the diverse flavors.

Scooter Rentals

In Nuremberg, you can rent scooters from various providers such as Lime, Tier, Voi, Bolt, and Superpedestrian, which is practical and environmentally friendly. Using a scooter is not only cost-effective but also a great way to explore the city in a new way. However, there are rules and regulations to ensure the safety of all road users. For example, wearing a helmet is mandatory, and certain speed limits must be observed. Nevertheless, renting a scooter is a fast and easy way to explore the city and its attractions.


Nuremberg is a beautiful city with many attractions to visit. The Old Town is a popular destination for visitors interested in history and architecture. There, you can admire many historic buildings and stroll through narrow alleys lined with old houses. The Nuremberg Castle is another highlight and offers a breathtaking view of the city. Those who want to delve even deeper into the city’s history should visit the Kerkergängen – an underground labyrinth that once served as a connecting path between the Kaiserburg and the Burggrafenburg. Of course, there are also many churches in Nuremberg that are worth a visit – such as St. Lorenz Church or Frauenkirche. And when you’ve had enough of the historical sights, be sure to take a walk through the Weißgerbergasse, one of the city’s most beautiful streets with many cozy cafes and restaurants.


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